The Four

Camp Blowdour and the Dwarves

Camp Blowdour, a military outpost on the continent of Elenos dispatched a small scouting party consisting of privates Graham, Donnie and Ryld to a nearby Dwarven digsite. There had been rumor that the dwarves were being killed during construction by horrible creatures, but they did not seek aid due to the questionable legality of their dig.

Upon approaching the dig, the party reported a small sentry consisting of ‘more likely than not’ hostile kobolds, who offered little to no resistance. The reported Illegal Dwarven Digsite was confirmed Dwarven in nature by the tapestries (which Graham has collected as evidence). The Kobolds residing inside the unfinished Dwarf-Fortress were of a more militaristic and hostile nature, and were able to injure the scouting party (Graham has refused to seek further medical attention regarding massive head trauma). The scouting party encountered a small White Wyrmling which appeared to be the leader of this rebel Kobold encampment. Upon slaying the creature, and ensuring that it was in fact deceased thanks to a thorough anatomical examination by Privates Graham and Donnie. I (Sargent Jans) was then able to catch up with the scouting party to ensure their safety and to inform them of our new orders.

A copy of this Report has been filed as well as a copy sent to Sourfang as per my orders.

This next mission is bullshit.

Dictated, but not read.
Sargent Stee Jans.

The Four: Log
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Session 1 The party is set to do a routine Guild mission, after managing to bluff Jim into retrieving Roy, a fellow adventurer’s footlocker from the safehouse, and being unable to open the lock on it, the party leaves, wearing their tabards, to set out and patrol the area outside town. Shortly after leaving the guildtower, however, they come across a set of tracks and decide to follow them through the grassy fields of the town nearby.

The party encounters a man they recognize as some sort of city official, and they interrogate him as he is seemingly in a hurry to return to town. After a quick dialogue, the party learns the man was on his way to post a job at the guild, or find the day’s party. He tells them that the effects of the upcoming eclipse have revealed the entrance to a local tide-cave, and that exploration of this cave is of the utmost importance, given the history of the area. The party remembers stories of a ship that went down in bad weather carrying a relic en-route to Habb from one of the nearby islands, for study and interpretation. The crew supposedly took shelter in a nearby cave, and was never heard from again. 4diamonds As the party approaches the cave, they see discarded crates, and some discarded equipment. Once inside they were met by a hostile faction, represented by a 4-diamond symbol (right) on the majority of their equipment, consisting of Gnomes, kobolds, goblins and hobgoblins. They also encountered several undead, and what appeared to be the cave’s natural inhabitants, Sauhaugin, who didn’t seem to bother them unless they approached their walled in area.

After defeating what appeared to be the skeletal remains of the captain of the lost ship, the crew recovered an emerald set in an unfinished lump of bronze the size of a fist, and exited the cave as the tide was coming in. They received a chest, decorated with a similar shark-motif that the Sauhaugin’s walls were, as an apparent gift of thanks for ridding their home from the undead.


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